Software Development

"Software as a service"

Our software products are well tested and bugs free software. We have developed varies type of software development using,, java, c and c++.

Inventory System

You can very easily handle your business using our inventory system. It has including total entire business model.

Paper Sales and Delivery System

Using this this system you can handle your paper sales, customer and paper agent record, daily delivery and income record. This system integrates with SMS service so customer can interact with system by SMS.

Management and Accounting System

This system features are managing your records and accounting calculation like payroll, tax calculation, etc. You can configure custom calculation also.

Web Development and Design

"Our web site supports to multiple platform and devices"

Speed IT Viewer is one of the leading development companies. We are specialist in the industry; we have the in-depth knowledge in web designing. We are having professional designers & developers. We will also take custom web design jobs with the quality design at nominal rates. We are committed to deliver the high quality of website design & services.

We are specialize in providing our best services to individuals and small or medium sized of companies who either do not have the in house support or the unhappy with that the levels of the service they are currently receiving. We possess the latest technology in web design and development and also new equipment with the proven skills of the accomplished commercial web designers, web developers, web programmers, multimedia specialists which is provides the highest quality of website design and the website development in that the industry with Fast turnaround. We provide the professional custom web design and services, website developing, logo designing by experienced & skilled web designers, developers from the web design and web develop industry.

Web Development

Web Design

Web site maintenance

Web hosting

Social media integrations

Mobile Application Development

"We are smart and thinking different."

These days everything is coming in a smart mobile. So we are focusing on mobile technology and bring customer requirements in it. We are in position to develop Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry application. We will hit the mobile market will soon.



Windows Mobile

Our Hardware and Networking

"Our Hardware and Networking Services"

Speed IT Viewer it can help you to design and implement the network that the leverages of your existing investments, avoids the costly downtime and to saves the times and the money when we move to the performance enhancing the technologies.

Our network is integration and the deployment of services it can help the businesses integrate and deploy the complex network infrastructure that will leverages multivendor the technologies. We can able to analyze existing networks, protocols, wired and the wireless configurations to be identifying the performance, interoperability and the connectivity requirements. We can provide the implementation planning, detailed of logical and the physical network design, rapid deployment and the network rollouts, product to be installation and the customization and the operational services for the network and cabling infrastructures.

Complete Networking

Project documents & hand over

Onsite Support

Network Management

Up Gradation

Installation at site

LAN & WAN implementation

User Training

Network Maintenance

Project Implementation

Project Management